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Our very affordable SMS are priced on a sliding scale therefore the more you send the cheaper they get.

Each SMS is individually tracked so that you can trace the delivery status and have credible proof of delivery.

SMS prices start at 20 cent per SMS and tops out at 32.9 cent per SMS depending on the amount. The Price is calculate on the amount that was sent in a calendar month.


Add a SMS Toolbar to your Microsoft Excel. You can send SMS directly from your Excel spread sheet with the added benefit to receive replies directly in your Excel sheet where all your data lives. 

This system is also ideal for sending SMS in bulk.

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All software, training and installation are free…

What Can Blinkin CRM System Do For You?

A Bulk SMS feature is also added to this system.

All software, training and installation are free…


CRM stands for Client Relations manager. This is a extensive CRM package build around a fast reliable SMS gateway. This means you can manage the needs and wants of your clients and send messages to them in real time. They can also reply on your SMS, replies are stored and managed under their names in this system.

Price free

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